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Stress Free Dog: Aromatherapy, how to guide

Dogs have a very keen sense of smell, therefore, when using aromatherapy, remember less is best. We don't want to overwhelm our already overwhelmed pup. Instead, we want to soothe and ease their burdens.

Make Infused Lavender Oil instead of using Essential Oil.

Infused oil is much less intense then essential oils, therefore making it safer and more gentle.

Step one

Take a tablespoon of lavender flowers, leaves and stems and place in a small glass jar or bottle.

Step two

Cover the lavender completely with a "carrier" oil. This oil will extract and carry some of the aromatic oils of the lavender. A carrier oil can be pretty much any oil...olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, avocado oil. Let the lavender infuse the oil for a week.

Step three

Make a leather dog tag...perhaps you have an old pair of leather yard gloves you are ready to recycle, or an old pair of slippers, an extra elbow patch...even that old leather jacket from the 90's you still have at the back of your closet.

Using good scissors, cut a piece about an inch or two wide. You can make it any shape...even a dog bone if you like.

Pierce a hole in it to attach to collar.

Step four

Using a pin, place a tiny droplet of the infused oil in the center of the leather tag, let it seep in and air for an hour. Attach to the collar and observe your dog.

Does he seem at peace with it?

Does he seem irritated?

If all is good then let him be. Check his skin for a rash in a little while just to be on the safe side. If however, he is unhappy or irritated with this new smell, take it off. It may be too much. Let the tag air out for a day or two and try again.

Consider using the infused oil for yourself. Add a few drops to your bath water, your hand cream, or your body wash or hair conditioner. Lavender has the same stress relieving properties for humans as for dogs. Enjoy!

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