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Stress Free Dog, How to guide to the Sit-Spot

The sit spot is a simple activity to get grounded and feel instant stress relief. Dogs and people alike gain countless benefits by reconnecting with nature using this simple method.

It was coined by Jon Young, founder of the Wilderness Awareness School. Jon was a student of Tom Brown Jr., a world renowned tracker and primitive skills teacher.

The reason this is vital is that your furry friend is a natural at this stuff. Your little..or big...buddy as it may be, just needs the opportunity to practice.

So here's how...

Step 1

Choose a place with nature. This could be your own backyard, a local park or my personal favorite, the local cemetery.

I strongly recommend the latter for the following reasons...

1) It's peaceful

2) It's quiet

3) It's calm

4) There's a feeling of spaciousness, which helps your pup feel safe. He can see far away and recognize danger well in advance.

This is a place you will return to daily (if possible) Therefore, your selection must be easily accessible and enjoyable to visit.

Step 2

Guiding your dog in a calm and confident manner, zone in on the perfect place to take a seat. You may want to do a reconnaissance mission on your own beforehand if you feel unsure. This will ensure your confident leadership is authentic...your friend will trust you and can set aside some anxiety.

Step 3

Have a seat and invite your friend to sit alongside you. You may choose to sit on a bench, on the grass or on a picnic blanket.

Step 4

Settle in, take stalk of your surroundings. How is your buddy? It's okay to give him a reassuring stroke but refrain from smothering or doting. After a couple minutes take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

During the next 2 minutes notice all of the different sounds you can hear. Is your dog reacting to the same ones? Take an other deep breath.

Step 5

For some, 5 minutes of sit spot time on the 1st day may be the right amount. For others the maximum time recommendation for day 1 of 15 min might be a better fit for themselves and their companion. The idea is to progress day by day and extend your sit spot time. Jon Young will sit spot for hours at a time. For our purposes, if you can get to 1/2 hour that would be awesome!

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