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Let's face it, living in the city can take its toll.  The city is a thriving hub and the environment is steeped in sound, people, concrete and all forms of technology.  We all get overwhelmed.  Some of us have successful coping mechanism while some of us struggle.  We can feel stressed, angry, hollow, numb, the list is long.  Folk Ease is dedicated to giving city folks the tools needed to find stillness and feel grounded.  Take care of yourself.   Tap into nature and reconnect with what is real.   

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In this section you will find exercises and tools that range from deepening your inner-knowing to refining your external spidey senses while being more mindful of your surroundings.

This weeks challenge;  Situational Awareness

When standing in the check out line this week, put your phone aside and take in your surroundings.  Answer the following questions;

1) Where are the exits?

2) How many people are standing in line?

3) Is the clerk wearing a watch?

4) "Tag" people...who appears most stressed, most clueless, most alert, in the shop?

If you have a buddy with you quiz each other after you leave the shop ... you can have lots of fun with this.



Remaining emotionally stable throughout your day in diverse situations is a truly admirable pursuit.  In this section, we offer you tools, tips and tasks to help you along your path.

This weeks challenge

When the going gets tough...and you feel your heart beat elevating this week. 1) allow yourself to recognize the feelings that are manifesting within you....(examples; tightening of the throat, tingle in the fingers)

2) Touch the ground with both hands simultaneously.  Yup! It might seem odd, but the ground (especially when outside) can take and dissipate the negative energy so that it doesn't have to build up and stay trapped within you. 

Indeed it might seem strange if you are in the middle of something with an other person.  If it seems just too weird, then bend to "fix" your shoe and take a moment to sweep the ground below.  

Alternatively, if you can manage to keep it together during your tense moment, then take a moment afterwards and place both your hands on the ground.  Take as many cleansing breaths as you need.  Shake off the rest and congratulate yourself for keeping it together.


Feeling safe and stable is the foundation to our well being.  There are so many factors that play into our sense of security.  Here we will help you find your narrative and identify what helps and what hinders. 

The first challenge starts with lighting a candle, alternatively, if you have a functional fireplace and you know how to get a cozy fire going, by all means, do.  Fire when controlled brings us warmth, light and helps us to prepare our food.  All of which bring us security.

Once your candle/fire is lit, write down a list of the top 10 things you need to feel safe.

Place your list in a safe place you will need it for the next challenge



Sometimes we feel hollow.  Sometimes we feel like we aren't living fully.  Here we will explore fulfillment.

The first challenge

Take 10 min each day for yourself, this week to drink a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate outside.  Yes, it has to be outside.  Rain or shine.  Get out of your comfort bubble...the one that keeps you too cozy to change and find real fulfillment.  Sit on park bench, go for  stroll...change it up.


We are connected in some form or another, to everything.  When we recognize our interconnectedness with all things, life just makes more sense.  When we care more, we feel more alive.

First assignment

Notice, acknowledge and touch the trees outside of your home.  If you live in an apartment building where there are no about on your way to work? or on your way to school? 

Surely, their are trees along your daily path you can befriend.

As you go by each day this week give them a nod.



Are you too busy trying to be the person others want you to be, that you've lost touch with your true-self?

Often we don't even notice that it's happening and wake up years later thinking "who am I?"

Your first assignment

Using a pencil, trace your hand on a blank sheet of paper.

Fold it up.

Go outside and bury it.  The soil hasen't yet frozen in Toronto.

This is the first step in planting the seeds of your authentic self.

Feel free to take it a bit slower this week. 

Feel free to say a few less words this week...(example...."thanks"......instead of "thank you SOOO much") 

Feel free to wear clothes that's a bit more comfortable this week.

We'll see you next week


Here's what you need to know...

New Moon

Time to set in motion new ideas and projects.  This is the time to brainstorm and zone in on your intentions.


Waxing Moon

Time when there is plenty of energy at your disposal to make things happen, and give you the added strength to follow through.


Full Moon

Time when things hit their climax, a time of release, a time to have gratitude and joyfully recognize the hard work that was put forth.


Waning Moon

Time to bring things back in and reassess, take stock, replenish, nurture, cleanse and clear negative energy.

Make way for a fresh new cycle to start.

Essential oils and gem stones can also lend a hand.

Manifest using the following

  • New Moon, Sage for Vision and Clarity,                                            Fluorite is a energetic shield, helpful when entering the                            vulnerable state of visioning and calling for inspiration

  • Waxing Moon, Eucalyptus for Energy and Uplift                                                        Lapis Lazuli for confidence and trust

  • Full Moon, Sweet Orange for Joy and Gratitude                                                  Apatite is like hot chocolate for the soul.  It is comforting and                 peaceful

  • Waning Moon, Lavender for Comfort and Calm                                                        Obsidian, Clear negative energy and make for way                      new beginnings  


Want to give it a try? 

Not sure where to start?




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