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Nature is healing, find out how...

We've spent years learning and gathering ways to heal both body and mind by connecting with nature.  Dogs and people living in the city deal with stress and ailments daily.   Here, you will find natural solutions and get grounded.

Urban dogs often become high maintenance.  This project aims at easing six ailments commonly found in the city; anxiety, obesity, inflammation, allergies, skin issues as well as digestion problems

Folk Ease

Living in the city has many perks, but it can take its toll on all of us.  This project offers city folks solutions to ease the stresses and ailments that come with living in this urban habitat.

Herbal Education

 We have medicine in our own backyards, Toronto!  This project explores how to bring herbal knowledge back to the people.   Learn to identify, harvest, process, and exchange herbs that heal people and pets alike.

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