These enchanting soaps are to be used with the moon cycle! 

Each soap of the collection has a carefully selected essential oil and energetic stone that corresponds with the moon's cycle. 

By getting in tune with the moon's phases, you can set your intentions and manifest more powerfully.  Start your day with an empowering shower or end your day with a manifesting soak.  It's time to lather with intention

  • New moon  Fluorite -Energetic shield
  •                    Sage+Rosemary-Vision
  • Waxing moon  Lapis Lazuli-Confidence
  •                        Eucalyptus-Motivation
  • Full moon   Apatite-Comfort, peace
  •                   Sweet Orange-Gratitude
  • Waning moon  Obsidian-Energetic cleanse
  •                         Lavender-Restore


Handcrafted in Cabbagetown, Toronto.


We only use lovely organic oils and butters.



Moon Phase Collection Soaps

  • Organic Olive oil, Organic Coconut oil, Organic Palm oil, Organic Shea Butter and Organic Essential oils