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Dog Allergies: Local Honey Can Help

Honey has many benefits;

It is often used as a cough suppressant.

And it also acts as a natural allergy shot for dogs and people who have environmental allergies. Taken daily, local raw honey can act as allergen immunotherapy.

Here's how it works

Local bees collect pollen from their environment...your environment. Bees are very organized and place the pollen in a specific pollen storage area in their hive. However, small amounts of pollen get into the area where they store honey. Honey is sticky, no wonder!

Bees make honey from the nectar of flowers, not pollen, so the amount off pollen is so minuscule its hardly recognizable. That’s the magic.

Allergen immunotherapy, more common called allergy shots, is when we introduce a tiny amount of a substance, usually in normal amounts it would trigger the immune system into overdrive. By doing so with micro amounts, we condition the body to realize that the substance is in fact not a threat and to play it cool. Watch this quick vid that explains what allergies are.

Local honey, is a simple and elegant way to build our tolerance to a wide variety of pollens from our environment. Your local bees are essentially creating a perfect anti-pollen allergy serum. And it tastes great to boot!

If you or your dog companion have environmental allergies to pollen in your neighbourhood, local honey could bee the solution!

Check out local beekeeper and honey products, Bee Local 416.

Wanna get serious, local honeybees are on the decline, consider hosting a hive in your backyard or roof top

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